We (Limitless Ideas) handle “Client Services Refunds” on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of making our customers happy. We stand behind our goods and services and want customers to be satisfied with them. We’ll always do our best to take care of customers—our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably. We have long believed that when we treat our customers fairly, they in turn are fair with us. We apply refunds to a verified Bank Account Number and Routing Number. If the situation makes sense and we honor the request for Client services rendered, we’ll ask for two forms of personal and/or business identification, and the client refund process will start. Please expect 30+ business days for a complete refund. Please be advised that “Client” is responsible for filling out all required documents and submitting them to Limitless Ideas, LLC in accordance with the instructions sent to “Client” by Limitless Ideas, LLC.



Which customer qualifies as a Client Services Refund candidate:

Any person or business that has purchased any of the services below is considered a “Client Service Customer”

Business Plan Creation Services
Business Structure Services
Business Advisory Services
Business Coaching Services
Tax Exemption Service
Project Evaluation Services
All In-Store Financing Programs
Any Combination of the above-mentioned Services

Any program that comes with an “Online Portal” is to be considered a Client Service Customer and can be considered for a “Client Service Refund” application. Please note that any false or illegal request or fraudulent documents initiated by a Client Service Customer will result in the automatic denial of a Refund Request.

Any public or private claims made against Limitless Ideas, LLC 30 business days before refund application, during the refund process, or after Client / Client Company has accepted the terms to be examined for a Refund will result in permanent termination of the Refund Process and Limitless Ideas, LLC will hold Client Refund in escrow until proper legal action has been taken by Limitless Ideas, LLC against Client or Client Company therein.

Please note, if you accepted a Refund from Limitless Ideas, LLC and received the Refund, then make claims against Limitless Ideas, LLC; Limitless Ideas, LLC will seek legal remedies to the maximum extent.

Our Client Services Return Policy

Need to make a return? We no longer send return labels with orders, but you can still print your own prepaid label, get a QR code to use at eligible USPS or FedEx locations or make your return in-store.

We now accept eligible returns of Limitless Ideas, LLC merchandise. Fine jewelry and designer items purchased with Limitless Ideas Credit Based membership packages or Limitlessideas.com or subdomain of Limitless Ideas.com are not eligible to be returned.

Final sale and non-returnable items:

All final sale merchandise cannot be returned. Other nonreturnable purchases include custom orders, personalized orders, non-subscription digital content (including digital products but excluding case-by-case digital products), prepaid cards (including third-party gift cards and prepaid cards), memberships, and completed services.

Like-new condition:

Items need to be returned in a like-new condition. Items that are damaged, unsanitary, dented, scratched, or missing major contents may be denied a return. Apparel must not be worn or laundered, and its original tags/packaging must be attached for us to accept a return.

Reserved Rights by Limitless Ideas, LLC:

Limitless Ideas reserves the right to issue a refund to any client at any time Limitless Ideas decides.



Understanding the “Client Services Refund” Process Next Steps:

#1: Read this entire page before contacting Limitless Ideas about applying for a client refund.
#2: If Limitless Ideas has stated you will receive a refund, please contact us by email at ([email protected])
#3: The Golden Rule is in full effect. No unruly words or phrases are tolerated.
#4: Complete the first phase below entitled “Refund Expectations & Application”
#5: No illegal (State or Federal) acts/solicits are tolerated and will result in the denial of your refund request.
#6: Official communication is only through email for your company’s protection and our company agents.
#7: Please give us 5 to 10 business days to respond to all requests. We must review your request and make decisions about your request.
#8: Once your company is in the refund process, any request from you or your company will only be responded to by contacting us at [email protected] until the completion of your refund process.
#9: Please follow all prompts on your Refund PDF sent via your email on file.

Click below to begin the refund application process to see if you or your company qualifies!